Castiglione del Lago

Between Arezzo, Siena and Perugia, Valdichiana, with more than 500 square kilometers of nature and cultures has been considered for years, the archetype of the countryside. The famous waters of Chianciano Terme, the precious red wines of Montepulciano and Trasimeno hills, the beauty of the villages rich in history make it a multi-colored territory ideal for a tasteful and relaxing holiday. Known worldwide for the original combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage, it is in this unique landscape that the wine roads, the olive roads and flavors of Umbria and Tuscany meet together.

Il Parco del Trasimeno

It is the largest of the six Umbria’s regional parks,
128 km lenght and 45 km breadth. It was already described by famous authors such as Goethe, Stendhal and Byron. Sweet green hills, typical landscape of Tuscany and Umbria, the suggestive panorama of lake, and ancient villages full of history, art and culture, give this place a special fascination. You will find the richness of art in Perugino’s frescos, the majesty of history in Renaissance Palace of Della Corgna family, and also in the land, where one of the most deadly fights of second Punic War took place.

Borgo Panicale

The most beautiful natural terrace on Trasimeno Lake.
Already defined as the most beautiful natural terrace on Trasimeno Lake, Panicale, where the painter Masolino Da Panicale was born, is set on eastern side of Petrarvella Mount and offers natural beauties and historical-monumental evidences. Different meanings are supposed to the name Panicale: the most realistic “Place were altars are burning for God Pan” (Pani calet), or the poetic “Place where everything is beautiful” (Pan kalon), or the meaning evidenced by the heraldic bearing “Place where people cultivate pànico” (Pan colts). www.borghipiù

Castiglione del Lago

One of the most beautiful villages in Italy. This village of etruscan origin rises on a calcareous promontory which was once the fourth island of Trasimeno Lake. It is part of the “Most beautiful villages in Italy” club and its wonderful location on the lake offers great landscape and the possibility to play aquatic sports such as sailing, windsurf, water ski, boating, swimming and bathing.